Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Adventures in Southern Utah

 As I mentioned before, we went to Tuacahn a couple weeks ago for a little mother-daughter adventure.  We joined John's mom and grandma (Grandma lives there), and we were so excited we could hardly stand it.  (Poor Maddie spent her first birthday in a car all day and being babysat at night since she was too young to enjoy the show.  The horrors of being a fourth-born.)

Tuacahn is amazing.  The shows beforehand are even fun.  Bella was entranced by these musicians . . .
 . . . so entranced she decided to sit herself down next to a complete stranger to listen to the music.
 Once Bella realized that she had been looking out the face of the prince instead of the face of the mermaid, she was not happy with this picture.
 Mimi kept saying throughout the show, "I think I might be falling in love with Prince Eric.  He is so handsome."
 Olivia and her grammy (John's mom) are best buddies.
 And luckily (as I mentioned before), I was so happy to have my sister with us.  Annie is the best!
 Bella would have done better if the show had been a hour-and-a-half rather than three hours. Too long for a three-year old.
 I love my girls.
 The next day, we spent the morning in downtown St. George, where they have this fun park that has a redrock stream that all the kids can play in to cool down.
 Maddie loved it.  It was just the right depth for her to crawl and splash around in.  She'd scootch her bum up the rocks to get into standing position, and she crawled all the way to the top of one particular stairway and scared her mama good.
 They also have a carousel.  Very fun.  Except Maddie wasn't so sure about it.
Olivia picked this particular horse because of its painted flowers.
 Naomi wandered all around the carousel before finding this one.  You know, if you are going to get only a couple rides, you have to make sure you are riding the perfect horse.  Nothing subpar for this girl.
It was so much fun, and I'm already signing myself up to go to Tuacahn next year.  Who's with me?


cowbell kelly said...

That frog is hilarious. It's like a beach ball frog. And I love Madi's little swimsuit!

Ariane said...

I love Tuachan! How fun. I'll go with you next year. :)

I also loved what you did for Bella's birthday. Those lanterns are very cool.

Sara said...

Beautiful. You are beautiful in every single picture.