Thursday, September 15, 2011

Do You Pin?

I am addicted to Pinterest, people.  Do you pin?  Now, I deliberately don't do Facebook (but I should, I know, Larissa), so I have reserved a big slice of my time-wasted-surfing-on-the-Internet pie for this fabulous site:  Pinterest.  It's a virtual pinboard of inspiring images.
Images of wreaths, like these:
Plastic spoon wreath pinned here.
Lavender wreath pinned here.  

Images of delicious recipes, like these:  
Roasted tomato tortellini pinned here.  
Fruit salad pinned here

Images of great sewing projects, like these:  
Cardigan refashion pinned here.  
Windmill quilt pinned here
Plus, when you follow people on Pinterest, your Pinterest home page gets all filled up with all the fantastic things other people are pinning--which you can REPIN.  Onto your own pinboards.  Amazing.  So, join.  It's awesome.  And even if you don't want to spend 30 hours each day perusing the boards looking for beautiful things, it's still a great resource for storing all those bookmarked ideas you have saved in your browser.  And it's so much prettier than a pull-down menu.


dusty and meag said...

oh girl...I PIN! sickness really...and I always leave HUNGRY! so bad for weight loss endeavors

Jill Lau said...

LOVE pinterest!!!

The Ziemers said...

I am going to go check it out right now! BTW, I saw your families picture in the paper at my parent's house this summer. They live in Vernal and apparently you guys are in Roosevelt now working, which is 30 minutes away! I was like, "I know them!" Anyway, I would love to chat sometime about all the fun things to do in the basin! Hope you are enjoying it so far.