Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halloween is for the Birds

Olivia is usually the driving force behind our Halloween costume theme every year.  Last year, she graciously allowed each of us to choose a costume for ourselves, even though they didn't all necessarily work together. (She did try to come up with a narrative, however, that would explain each character's presence.  Something like, "Well, when Mary's little lamb was lost then She-Ra came to help her, and the lion was the one who kidnapped the lamb.")  She's back in fine chief mode this year, and she has determined a bird theme for all of us to follow.  According to her assignments, which do take into account the preferences of each family member, I will be a flamingo, she will be a swan, Naomi will be a peacock, Bella will be a canary, and Maddie will be an owl.  John is to be a bird watcher, complete with notebook, vest, and binoculars.

Bella's costume is mostly done.  It just needs a beak and some eyes on top of the hood, and I still need to make her a pair of fleece leggings to cover those skinny little bird legs, but I think I'm going to make everyone's leggings in one go.  
Obviously, she loves being a bird.  This costume was my experiment, so there are going to be things that I do differently on the other costumes (and I may even go back and unpick *shudder* and fix some things on her costume), but I couldn't resist letting her try this on and go fly around the yard.  I've already had to wash it once, and I think it needs to be washed again.
I have the McCall's pattern 4618, and I have used it in one way or another nearly every year for the past eight Halloweens.  I love it because the hood is attached and the jumpsuit part is nice and loose.  Plus, it's super easy to put together.  For the birdies, I'm just making the legs much shorter, and then I'm tracing some of the girls' school leggings to make orangey-yellow fleece leggings to go underneath for warmth.
Bella's favorite part is the little feathers on the top of the head.


adventure knitter said...

How cute! Our theme was going to be "things that fly", but then Jackson ruined that one by wanting to be a knight... Oh well...we'll still have a bird, a butterfly, and Dumbo. Check out this link for what I'm basing Meg's bird costume's totally cute!

dusty and meag said...

I sit here again just like I do every year in awe at your completely fantastic and huge costume undertaking! You are my sewing yoda master or something like that