Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of School

 The first day of school was as exciting as always.  The girls received outfits from Nana the very day before school, and they were immediately picked as the favorites.  (My girls have thoroughly embraced the maxi trend.  So comfortable.)
 Naomi is in first grade, and loves it.  Her teacher is friendly and organized and perfect.
 Olivia is in 3rd grade (which is in a different school here in Roosevelt--weird), and she also has a fantastic teacher.  Plus, two of the girls from her Primary class are in her school class.  How lucky can you get?
 Bella wanted to join in the "getting dressed" event, so she ran to put on her Dora swimsuit.  You really can't go wrong with a Dora swimsuit for any occasion.
 Classic backpack shot.  Am I a bad mom because my kids are using their same backpacks from last year?  (And actually, these same backpacks were used for half a year the year before that.  Not so sparkling clean anymore, but still functional, still in use.  Just call me Cheapskate McGee.)
 This is the point at which Bella realized she was not actually going to school with her sisters.  Can you guess her attitude about that revelation?

 Luckily for us, John and Olivia can walk together since her school is right by the hospital.  And Mimi has a first grade buddy just two houses away, so we can carpool too.
 I love that they have school and friends and learning again, but I really miss my big girls.  It's sad how much I look forward to 3:00 every afternoon.


adventure knitter said...

Cute girls! Gotta love the classic "first day of school" picture. And no...having your girls use their backpacks from last year isn't cheap...Megan is still using her backpack from Kindergarten! (she hasn't asked for a new one...and i'm not going to bring it up...)

cowbell kelly said...

LOTS OF PINK! What a girlie-goo crew:) I love back to school pictures. They're taken at the same time every year and in the same way so you can really SEE how everyone has been growing......and then I get sad because I missed all that in between time:( 3 more years then we're going West!!!

Kenna said...

My kids were quite shocked when I told them we would not be buying new backpacks this year because last year's were just fine. You aren't the only cheapskate!