Saturday, September 10, 2011

One Year Later

I know I'm starting to get old now, because years are just passing in a blink.  for example, is my baby still this size?  
 Is she even still in this car seat?  Is her hair still this color or this crazy?
Nope.  This is my baby now.  And she's usually quite a bit more cheerful than this.
 Her grumpiness could be due to one of two reasons.  #1:  Her cake was a complete disaster.  Complete disaster.  The teeny layers overflowed and were soggy and gloppy, and the large layers sunk so low they were almost nonexistent and were dry and hard.  Same batter for both layers.  Fail.
 #2:  That fire was getting awfully closer, and her family was singing pretty terribly.  That's enough to scare anyone.
 This is how she normally looks.  She's almost become an entirely new baby this last month.  Her whole life has been driven by "How close can I stay to my mom?" and "What is that she's eating and how can I get some?"  But apparently, she has also been looking around this whole time and filing away all the different things she was going to do as soon as she was mobile.
 And this last month, she decided to start taking care of business.  Goal #1:  Make sure all the diapers, books, dishcloths, DVDs, clothes, and piano music are all dumped on to the floor every day.  Several times a day, in fact, if some poor misguided fool attempts to put them back onto the shelf where they "belong."
 Goal #2:  Get into the toilet as often as possible and with as many items as possible.  Bonus points for soaking the whole bathroom in the 15 seconds it takes mom to investigate the splashing.

Goal #3:  Climb on to the couch and from the couch to the side table and from the side table to the computer desk.  Push as many keys on the keyboard as possible.
 Goal #4:  Find small seats to nest in and small objects to eat while nesting.  The less like food the object is, the better.  Scream whenever mom tries to help you sit forward in the Bumbo.
We love this baby.


me said...

I'm not smiling at your hardship but, it is nice to know that someone has these experiences, too. We were dealing tonight with discovered marker coloring on special blankets, pillows, tables, walls, homework, etc. during the usual nap time. !!!! And someone learned the hard lesson again of keeping their things, like markers, high, unseen, and unused. Your little one is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsay said...

Cute cute girls. I can't believe Naomi is in first grade and olivia's in 3rd. We may visit utah this December. It would be so fun to see you while we're there.

Thanks for the well wishes on my blog re:clark's surgery. I'm a little nervous about it but I'm also excited to see the outcome

Sara said...

I need this baby right now. I have lots of places for her to find.