Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Why TV is Good for Me

Here's what I love:  Hulu.  Here's why I love it:  so many life lessons on just one website. John and I have a few shows that we watch consistently, and these are the lessons I've learned.

#1)  From Burn Notice, I've learned that anything can be accomplished with enough bravado, bluster, and threats to call a superior.
#2) From Project Runway (which John refuses to watch with me), I've learned that you'll be on reality television a lot longer if you can treat other people terribly, even if you have no talent.
#3) From White Collar, I've learned that every woman is susceptible to a charming smile and a fedora.  Plus, I learned that I need a crazy, ethics-challenged, bald little genius of a friend if I'm ever going to join the criminal underworld.
#4) From Castle, I've learned that NYPD cops are all extraordinarily attractive, extraordinarily brave, and extraordinarily funny.  Also that they would never ever solve a case if they didn't have the help of a detective novelist.  Weird how that works.
#5) From Alphas, I've learned that superheroes live among us.  And it turns out that superstrength is not nearly as awesome a power as the ability to talk people into doing whatever you want.
What lessons have you learned?


Jake said...

Wow, I have never seen a single episode of any of those shows.

Vcky13 said...

What a fun post. I got out of watching network television, but I do have one fave show. The Mentalist! I have learned that if you are just really observant, you can solve crimes. And I'm certain that I would make a great detective.

Jenny said...

I love the Ellen Show during the middle of the night baby feedings:) She finds some great web videos!

Mags said...

i've learned that josh m is the gay equivalent of a mean girl. (and that his fashion is awful)and that laura IS a mean girl.
i've learned not to watch top chef when i am hungry, cause then i feel sorry for myself that i'm just having chicken broccoli.

Emilee said...

Josh M is a mean girl. Absolutely. I feel like, other than that beautiful black "simple" dress, he has made nothing of beauty for the competition.

Sara said...

I love that you and I learn from all the same shoes. Except Alphas -- I need to check that one out.

Liz said...

Loved this post! All I know is that most TV has taught me that everyone should have: perfect hair, perfect clothes, and (for comedies) be extremely witty or (for dramas) have an angst-filled past no one knows about.