Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quotes from Silly Little Girls

Scenario #1:

My sister Annie was playing tea party with the girls, and it came down to the favorite little girl pasttime of making wishes.  My little cousin Elli mentioned that she wanted a prince to come and marry her.  Mimi squealed with delight, saying, "Me too.  And I want him to kiss me."

Then it was Olivia's turn.  She said, "I wish that people would just stop changing their plans.  I HATE it when people change their plans."

Doesn't that just illustrate the difference between the girls?  Mimi in the clouds.  Olivia worried about concrete annoyances.  I love them.

Scenario #2:

Mimi and Bella went outside while I was making dinner and played in the huge dust pile created by all the construction vehicles that pass by our house every day.  They came back inside absolutely filthy, and I told them they had to take a bath.  Later, I heard Bella shrieking from the bathroom.  Mimi dealt with the shrieking by saying, "Bella, I have to wash your hair.  Don't you want me to wash you hair?"
Bella:  NO!  I don't want you to wash my hair.
Mimi:  Bella, would you cry if Jesus was washing your hair?
Bella:  I would still cry.  Even if Jesus was washing my hair.

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adventure knitter said...

I love the crazy things kids say! And your new top picture is too too cute. What darling girls you have!