Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trouble Brewing on the Footboard Front

Now, some of you may not know that I am happily married to the handiest guy on the planet.  I have come across very few tasks in our married life that John is not equal to (especially if I'm willing to do the math that the task requires).  In fact, the two of us recently pooled our talents to come up with these bunkbeds, from these plans by ana-white.com.  (We added the arched headboard variation from another plan to make it more feminine.)

I love these bunkbeds, even if the top bunk is so high that Livi is in danger of altitude sickness every night when she goes to bed.  Good job, John.  However, it was due to the bunkbeds that I learned of another one of John's talents:  freeing trapped little rodents monsters naughty toddlers.

Bella got herself thoroughly stuck the other day.  Her leg was trapped like a little rat, and when I tried to fix it, she just screamed.
So I stopped trying to fix it and instead took some pictures.
Poor little monster.

John, however, pulled some sort of surgeon-y, mechanic-y, handy type trick and got that leg out.  Awesome. Another addition to his list of talents.


Outlandish McCandlish said...

You better plump her up so that she doesn't fit through any more. lol

dtravelbug said...

I'm cracking up that you stopped to take photos. That shows you're not a new mom. I would have been flipping out.

And, I LOVE the bunk beds!!!

Shelly and Ken said...

We just made the exact same bunkbeds for our girls, even painted them white too. The only problem is they are stuck in the garage. We can't get them into the girls' room (they built two separate beds and they don't fit through the doorway). For good and bad Ken and his dad did such an awesome job building them that we can't even see the screws to take them apart. Hopefully Ken can figure out a way to get the headboards off without ruining the beds.

Liz said...

At first I thought he put the bunk beds together, then I realized that he actually built them!? Very impressive.

Sara said...

I love that it seems like Bella is still trying to smile in her pics.

Love the bunk beds! Holy smokes! Beautiful.